I remember a weekend when I was extremely gloomy and I needed some retail therapy. The weather outside escalated the gloominess more and the monsoon was really caving it’s way in. I decided to stop being lazy and digging into sitcoms, I needed a good dose of fashion and style, I needed to dress up and splurge, I needed the whole package. I called up a few friends but they seemed to be busy. So what I did instead was I told myself that I could do this on my own, took the car out of the driveway and headed towards Seasons mall. Since it is also a place that is not too far away from where I live, I was really looking forward to checking out some of their recent collections that the brands they house have to offer.

I know that a lot of times, women who are plus sized and curvy find it a bit difficult to get their sizes in a mall. Quoting one of my main girl Raveena ,” The trial rooms of these malls sees so many hopes and dreams and when its not the right fit everything comes crashing in,” I mulled over at this statement while I parked.

Heading into the brand Splash first, I schemed through their collections and loved a few so much that i couldn’t resist being the quintessential fashionista in me take over. Splash has always been one brand that I find offers size variations and it is not very difficult to navigate your way through once they have new collections in stock. The designs and collections are extremely chic and trendy and offers a mix of personalities for every type of woman out there. Thanks to Seasons, I could immerse myself in clothes and accessories that did the exact effect as the extra fat and creamy ice creams had on Monica and Rachel.


I love this blue dress and the sleeve details. Completely besotted and having some ultra retro and glamorous moments while accessorising with the ring glares and a choker. Add a pair of golden stilettos for the drama.

The quote shirts have been in trend for a while and what better than to “Create your own”.


I think westside is again another brand that houses some really good, trendy, fashionable and affordable brands. My certain favourites are Nuon, Giacurves and Bombay Paisley. The best part also is that both the brands are adjacently located so one really doesn’t waste much time getting the best of fashion right there. I also think Seasons houses all the best brands that come in with some really good collections and the mall is never overcrowded that you can’t manoeuvre through.

My first stop was at the brand Bombay Paisley inside the store. Thanks to all the gloominess on the weather front I needed to feel like I was running on sunshine, and ain’t no clouds coming in my way! I love the almost yellow with a tinge of mustard shade and the checks giving it an extremely semi formal yet brunch feel, complete with the belt to cinch the waist. Add a heavy neckpiece like i did to assert a statement.

For all those who follow me on my social medias will know that even if I am all up for experimentation and trying out new trends, there is nothing more that I love than a monochrome look, lace and sarees. Baby pink and Salmon shades are totally my personality, I think i belong a bit on both the extreme points of the fashion spectrum! I can dress up in a baby pink dress like this one paired with heels of the same shade and complete with a dainty piece of accessory, basking in my monochrome glory. I can also dress up in a complete punk or goth style! However, this dress was love at first sight.

If you are someone who is conscious of being a plus size, I would not advise you to steer clear of this choice, I would tell you to rush to Seasons right now and grab this from Nuon brand at Westside, and flaunt your curves. As long as you love yourself in it , that is the only validation that matters, not even me encouraging you, or showing you.

Okay, I let the grey weather take over me completely in this oversized top and layered accessories from Giacurves. What else does a girl really want now, eh?

I think when I left the place, I left with the experience that Seasons was not just a mall, it was an experience and lifestyle that is achievable and something one can possess. Human beings love possession, especially of experiences, not just of goods and products. I had to completely give it to Seasons Mall that day for brightening my mood and letting me feel like Carrie Bradshaw, needless to say, I got ‘carrie’d away 😉

Written by Adhisa Ghosh

Photography by Sameet Jain, Manjari Singh and Mehuljeet Singh

Assistant Styling by Vaishali Pandey

Location, Brand – Seasons Mall

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