I have always been a very outdoorsy person when it comes to unwinding with friends over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee with some good ambience and people at some of my favourite places in the city. I know there are plenty of amazing places combined with food and drinks that the city has to offer but if I had to give a lay down or take someone out, these are the cafes I would vote! From Where Else to Sassy Spoon to Beetroot, my selective choices of cafe where you can have a simple, romantic or a fun hangout at any point in the day. Also, these cafes come with the kindest of people who are more than delighted to take care of you at your arrival and are ever so accommodating!

1- Where Else Cafe 

I have a certain nostalgia with this cafe at Viman Nagar because during my student days in Symbiosis, I was a regular here. Every single evening was spent in the company of Boobie and Ballsie ( the adorable persian cats ), my laptop and coffee. Me and my friends would also hang out here at every opportunity we got. We also even had a project discussion here once so this cafe has been more than home and more than just a regular place. I would always be biased about this place because anyone who knows me well knows that my spirit is attached to cats. Apart from the obvious ambiance and the animals, I love the fact that humans are tolerated and the staff are such amazingly friendly people. I am not much of a food critic but i love the way they present their dishes, and the English Breakfast, Cajun grilled fish and Bacon wrapped Chicken with a glass of Strawberry Daiquiri are my absolute favourites. Also, the hot chocolate once a month is a much simpler way to take a trip to heaven.

2-The Sassy Spoon 

During my internship days in Mumbai I had made a few trips to the Sassy Spoon at Bandra and always wondered why Pune didn’t have its own dose of Sassy! After all the city is pretty sassy with the maximum population being student dominated. And on my return home I was thrilled to see that Pune had opened its doors to Sassy Spoon at Koregaon Park, Lane 7 next to Sanskriti Lifestyle. Perfect area that definitely needed a Sassy Spoon.

Sassy Spoon’s philosophy has always been delicious food peppered with sass. The restaurant is resplendent with quirky bar bites, innovative mains, takeaways, scrumptious breakfasts and a menu spread across European, Mediterranean, South East Asian and Indian cuisines, for both vegetarian and non-vegetarians, along with an exciting selection of cocktails and mock tails. The ambience, with both outdoor and indoor seating makes it the perfect dining and drinking destination. What I love most about this place is the Sangria, their ladies nights on Wednesdays with some live music and the absolutely amazing people who serve you here. The outdoor seating area at the rear gives me a very French vibe and the cakes and truffles at the Sassy Teaspoon counter is my little cheat sheet. Try their whisky chocolate tart  on bad days when you need both alcohol and chocolate and you cant decide so you have both anyway!

3- Raasta Cafe 

I was thrilled the day I got to know that Raasta Cafe had opened its doors at NIBM. From having a great rooftop view at the Dorabjee Royal Heritage Mall to the amazing interior, romantic ambience and a perfect bar with live Tandoori grill and pizza ovens, this cafe offered more than candles, coy looks across the table or the sunset. If you ask me, this would be my personal recommendation if you were planning to take your man on a date. The cocktails are crisp and smooth, the cheese fondue is thick and tasty and the red velvet in a jar really mesmerises me. Apart from this, candles in a jar and live music never gets old.

4- Beetroot Bistro

I love the mediterranean vibe this place gives off. It has this very rhythmic aura and vibe and I love the space it has and the way the set up changes from a laid back brunch place in the afternoon to a cozy sundowner place, but the reason this place is one of my favourites is because of the Sangria they serve (evidently I am a Sangria person of late) and the Piri Piri Chicken. I love the dramatic touch the fairy lights adds to this place giving it a very romantic youth atmosphere. It has a certain tone of nostalgia at the same time and my glass of Sangria and me agree on that a lot.

Written by Adhisa Ghosh

Photography – Anmol Singh 

Floral Maxi Dress and Slit Wrap Skirt – Parampara

Top – Zara 

Striped Maxi Dress- Chemistry 

White Shirt Dress- AND

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