It was pouring outside one evening while I was aimlessly sipping coffee, sitting at a cafe and strolling on social media, consuming news on fashion and beauty as usual. That’s when I got an invite for an event by Vidhya Tiwari, Editor-in-chief at Cariz, hosted along with her by Chanda Patil, for a Summer Pop Up exhibition at the gorgeous salon, Nails & More owned by Debarati Ghosh.

The pop up was brought in by Harshita Punjabi from Mumbai, whose label Jorss was a collection of summer wear carefully curated from across the world keeping the summers in mind. I decided to drop in for the pop up at the Nails & More on a weather temperamental Friday morning and get some much needed dose of my weekly Fashion inspiration.

Stepping in wearing Global Desi
Harshita Punjabi

While entering the quaint place I couldn’t help but soak in the neat interior giving out a very traditional yet contemporised vibe with copper vessels and reclined chairs, and adding to that was Harshita’s vibrant gesture that made me feel instantly at ease, like I was invited for a dress up party where I could browse through her collections at ease.

Nails and More

Glimpses from the pop up

Talking to the very talented young fashion designer from NIFT, Harshita explained how she usually does traditional wear but this collection was curated for being summer and travel friendly giving out a global vibe. A variety of collections of clothes from her various travels, each one unique and different from the other.

She stuck to summer tones for the colour palette. Pastels, nude tones and prints were her choice, perfectly reflecting the weather outside and my mood. Slim cuts and weather friendly fabrics were her silhouette and fabric choice and I instantly loved the collection while browsing through them.

When I asked her why did she zero in on Pune as the place for her exhibition, she quipped how the city has an undeniable potential for fashion and style. Also she and her beautiful friend cum owner of Nails & More, Debarati Ghosh had been planning to do the pop up since a very long time.

Harshita has always been very outgoing and an extrovert which I could tell from her way of easing her customers in.

Dreaming of being a designer as a little girl, she realised this dream at the age of 20 years, when she shaped her Indo – Western fusion brand under the label “Jorss”. After her graduation from NIFT, she soon found herself creating couture for the ‘Modern Indian Woman’. Jorss fashion is exclusive, elaborate and elegant and Harshita’s designs are whimsical and tasteful, effective with a variety of textiles, prints and sophisticated embellishments. After trying out a few of her collections and particularly loving two favourites, I realised that the heart of her designs lie in one of a kind outfits tailored to perfection for the urban woman.

Checking out some handpicked jewellery by Beadazzle by Soniya and Bling Spree

Being a curvy blogger, I couldn’t help but feel good about being able to ease into her designs and seeing variety not limited to a particular size. Upon asking her if she felt that fashion had a definitive size, her answer made all the positive difference making the collection more than just a display of her creativity. She quickly responded how she felt strongly about the fact that fashion was for all, and it wasn’t a size. It was clearly a state of mind and what made a woman feel like she was a queen! It was the confidence and the love for fashion and style that should transcend the obligation of feeling restricted.

I for one, couldn’t agree more. Also, I had so much fun playing dress up and twinning with her while getting to know all about this very talented designer!

I love the dramatic collar and cinched waist, and the pastel tone, very summer melting into monsoon feel!
This Batik print maxi dress is so soft and comfortable! Love!

Photography – Mehuljeet Singh 

Location – Nails and More

Designer – Harshita Punjabi 

Event – Summer Pop Up Exhibition

Accessories – Beadazzle by Soniya and Bling Spree

Written by Adhisa Ghosh

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